It all started with endless video calls.

Ah, 2020. The year the way we wear and think about pants would change forever. Most of us switched from decent pants to sweat pants and joggers. While others decided to forego pants altogether, swearing them off for as long as the world would allow. And in my tiny corner of the world, trapped in my one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, I too, was rethinking pants. As I yearned for ways to step away from my computer and out of my quarantine rut, I looked to all my new-found pandemic friends– my houseplants– for inspiration. Don’t they need pants too? What makes me, a mere human, so deserving of pants that reflect the way I feel inside, while my precious pet plants must forever live in whatever sad pot I assign to them at birth? With no way to express themselves? My heart breaks.

And that’s when it hit me. I would spend my days making…you guessed it… pants…for your plants. As the world and my plants rejoiced for their new pants, what began as an innocent side hobby quickly turned into a real-life passion. Alas, a Pair of Plants world was born.

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