Do your pants have holes?

Yes and no. I make mostly pots but also a few vases here and there. If the image has a flower in it then it doesn’t have holes in the bottom and is meant to be used as a vase for flowers (or anything really!) If the picture of the pant has a plant or succulent in it then there are holes in the bottom and meant to be used as a pot.


Do you do custom orders?

Customs are rather stressful due to so many unpredictable errors that happen with pottery. Because of this, I typically open for customs only a few times a year and typically offer no more than 10 custom slots at a time. Leading up to my custom drop date, I will announce on IG and take the password off the “commission me” page.


Are your pants perfect?

Nope! Because these are hand made from machines, you can expect little imperfections. Consider it the charm of being hand made!


Do you ship internationally?

For custom orders I do but for my usual Panty Drops– I do not. Working on it!


How do you make a pair of plants?

Each pair of plants is hand built out of clay, fired into bisque ware, glazed, and fired again for final use. Most pieces are glazed but depending on the final color and style desired some are painted.


Can you remake an exact pair?

I can remake styles of pants but I can not make exact pairs again. I do not measure when crafting my pants so they are never exact. If you request a custom pair of Juicy’s for example, I can absolutely make them I just can’t promise they will be exactly like previous ones you’ve seen on my page.


How long does it take you to make a pair?

Turnaround time is anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks from the build to delivery at your door. The length of time depends mostly on the amount of orders I have ahead of you. When can I buy a pair of plants? I drop batches of about 25 pants 3-4 times a year. Keep an eye out on IG for all updates and countdowns for release dates!


Are you open to collabs?

Yes for sure. I’d love to hand someone a blank pair and have them paint them however they want! Shoot me an email through my contact page!